We are here to join with you on your path, wherever that may be and lead. We love Jesus, and our deepest desire is to see those who cross our path experience Christ in new and surprising ways that will transform their lives, pulling them deeper into their God given calling.

Linda is a wife, mother and grandmother, and has spent 30 years in ministry to children, teens and adults, most recently developing a parenting ministry at her church. Stephanie is a wife and mother of four kiddos (who are almost all grown). She has been in ministry with students and parents for the last 10 years including Associate Director of Student Ministries, overseeing the 6th grade confirmation program and student ministry events and small groups. Enough about us...

We offer teaching, speaking, consulting, experiential worship opportunities, retreats and more. Make sure to check out our Speaking Topics page for more detailed information about all of these events.

Who We Are

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It was at camp during my highschool years that I walked down the path alone on a hot summer afternoon. My life seemed to be upside down and I did not know where to turn so I knelt down on the rocky Texas ground in the middle of the path and asked God to take over. I had heard that if I asked, He would answer. At that moment Heaven somehow came to earth and I experienced the supernatural love of a Heavenly Father that I had never really known. No words were spoken but I knew He had answered my cry. I would love to tell you that from that day on, I walked along an easy straight path, loving Jesus and living a kingdom life, but that just wouldn’t be true. My path has been uphill, on the mountain top, downhill and even off road and into the pit. But since that original day when I knelt on the rocky path finding love from my Heavenly Father, I have had a passion burn inside of me to walk alongside others on their path, showing them the love of the Father that keeps me going. After raising 3 boys and more than 30 years of ministry I am still running after that passion. At the end of the day, what I know is I am loved and you are loved. Isn’t that a perfect reason to walk together?

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For most of my life, I wandered around (mostly in circles) searching for something--for the perfect person to spend my life with, a faithful purpose, and trying to find a path leading to greater joy and fulfillment.

After years of aimless searching, I ended up completely exhausted. I had no idea where I was going. I was tired and frustrated that my steps usually led nowhere. It was clear that I needed someone to lead me-to take my hand and show me the way. For a recovering control freak this was a very difficult thing to accept and has been even harder to implement. I think of the “trust game” I’ve played so many times on retreats. It is called the Blindfold Lead. In this exercise, a blindfolded person is led by a sighted person. At first, you’re led across a level field. But as the game progresses, you are led around increasingly complex obstacles and paths that are more difficult. Guidance is provided with direct physical contact at first, but then progresses to voice instruction only. The game is all about building trust and effective communication. The parallels with my walk with Jesus are very clear - trusting Him to show me the way, through and around obstacles, something I can accomplish only through close and continuous communication with Him. I need his constant guidance and assurance that He knows the way. Along my path, I picked up a few people to walk with me. I have learned that we aren’t meant to walk alone. God entrusted me with four kids, a husband and several good and faithful friends. It was along this path that I found Linda Withers. We have been pursuing ministry alongside one another for many years. It has been a great honor doing “wild kingdom” work with her.

The Lord has now called Linda and I down a new path, Pathway Insights, one where Jesus is still leading the way. It's exciting and terrifying, but I trust him to show us both the way.

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Foundational Scripture

“Give me revelation about the meaning of Your ways
So I can enjoy the reward of following them fully!
Give me an understanding heart so that I can
Passionately know and obey Your truth!
Guide me into the paths that please You,
For I take delight in all that You say.
Cause my heart to bow before Your words of wisdom
And not to the wealth of this world.
Help me turn my eyes away from illusions
So that I pursue only that which is true,
Drench my soul with life as I walk in Your paths.
Reassure me of Your promises, for I am
Your beloved; and Your servant who bows before You!
Defend me from the criticism I face
For keeping Your beautiful words.
See how I long with cravings for more of Your ways?
Let Your righteousness revive my spirit?”

Psalm 119: 33-40 (The Passion Translation)

"Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights”

Proverbs 18:15

“Behold I will do a new things
Now it shall spring forth.
Shall you not know it?
I will make a road in the wilderness
A river in the desert”

Isaiah 43:19

“You enlarged my path under me; so my feet did not slip”

2 Samuel 22:37

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